Sanur Beach Bali and the Attraction of Vacation There

Sanur Beach Bali and the Attraction of Vacation There

Panti Sanur is one of the tourist destinations on the island of Bali that you should not miss. The stretch of white sand that surrounds all the shoreline, will refresh the eyes. With the feel of the waves that are not so high, making this beach area suitable for a vacation with family.

Through the paintings of A.J. Le Mayeur, an artist from Belgium, Sanur Beach was introduced to the world. Even since the painting he exhibited, tourists from all over the world came and wanted to see the beauty of Sanur Beach and all the tourist destinations there. More info click here

Sanur Beach Attraction

For tourists who want to take a vacation to Sanur Beach, there are many attractions found along this beach. Of course the feel of the vacation becomes even more enjoyable. Some of the attractions on one of the best destinations on the island of the gods include:
– Sanur Beach is known as one of the beautiful beaches because it has clean sand. The white sand with environmental support that is always kept clean makes tourists more comfortable in the beach area.
– Sanur Beach has a long stretch of coastline, tourists can enjoy the entire 8 KM coastline on foot or rent a bicycle.
– Having calm waves makes Sanur Beach very suitable for swimming children. The calm current is very safe for children when playing along the Sanur shoreline.
– The sun’s heat is perfect and suitable for tourists who want to sunbathe on the beach. So it is not wrong that all foreign tourists choose Sanur Beach as their tourist destination.
– Provides a cool view with rows of traditional boats. In addition, there are other rides such as snorkeling, banana boat, jetski, and seawalker that can be rented by tourists.
– Presents the best atmosphere in the morning because it is a suitable location to enjoy the sunrise when in Bali.

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