A Look at History at the Bali Bombing Tragedy Memorial

Bali has a variety of tourist destinations that are a pity to miss. It is not surprising that Bali has been named the country with the most beautiful nature by the British media, Money.co.uk. However, who would have thought that Bali also had dark events that had an impact on the world of tourism two decades ago.

Looking back at the Bali bombing tragedy that occurred in 2002, a memorial was built to commemorate the tragedy and the victims. The strategic location of the monument allows domestic and foreign tourists to visit it.

One of the tourist destinations that you should not miss is the Bali Bombing Tragedy Memorial. This monument has the most striking shape with a kayonan shaped like a mountain resembling a white leaf. You will get an inner experience as well as peace while you are there. Then what are the attractions, here's an explanation.

The Attraction of the Bali Bombing Monument

This monument which is located in an open space can be visited at any time for 24 hours. Every October 12, a memorial ceremony is usually held at the monument. Where this destination presents its own charm, including:

Artistic Monument
The Bali bombing monument designed by Ir. Wayan Gomudha MT is built to resemble a large white wooden leaf which means a symbol of the universe and its contents. Every part of the monument has a deep meaning and is very artistically designed.

Beautiful Pool in the Middle of the Monument
There is a pool in the middle of the monument which has nine fountains as a symbol of the nine cardinal directions that will spread peace throughout the world. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of this pond while praying.

Symbol As A Reminder
Tourists can dig up information about the monument along with the symbols that accompany the parts of the monument to the tour guide. These symbols can be a reminder that in life one must be able to control one's will. All the elements presented at the Bali Bombing Commemoration monument inspire hope to be able to radiate peace in all directions.

Open 24 hours
This tourist destination is free of entry fees and is open 24 hours every day. The Bali Bombing monument area is lined with shopping centers selling souvenirs, restaurants, spas and lodging.

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